About Us

        The motorcycle club “Gold Wing Club of Latvia” (GWCLV) is the only official Gold Wing club of motorcycle enthusiasts in the Baltic States, which brings together the legendary Japanese motorcycle Honda Gold Wing owners.


        Gold Wing is one of the most prestigious, reliable and more comfortable motorcycles in the world. They have been produced for 40 years and for the last 14 years they are on the throne of the big touring motorcycles – this fact alone deserves to be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records on the title page! Although competitors have tried a few times to push this rock aside, all the attempts have failed with a lot of noise. Who now still remembers Kawasaki Voyager, Suzuki, Aspencade or Yamaha Venture? They all have long been dumped in the dustbin of history, but the King still sits on the throne. It sounds quite loud, but facts are facts, argue with them in vain.


        At the end of November 2014, the 300-millionth Honda Gold Wing motorcycle rolled off the Honda assembly line.


        Since 2014, GWCLV has been a Gold Wing European Federation (GWEF) member. GWEF is comprised of Gold Wing clubs from 26 European countries - Latvia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, England, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland and Ukraine. Each GWEF member club is obliged to annually organize Treffen (from the Dutch word “treffen”, which means the meeting of friends) in their country, thus developing mototourism in Europe, as well as becoming familiar with the national culture and history.



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